Think of the tongue as a barometer for the whole body! A quick intro… In Chinese Medicine we want to know 5 basic things about your body. Is it too?? Hot, Cold, Dry, Damp or Stagnate/Stasis/Toxic…the tongue tells us that.  And that is how we come up with our diagnosis and treatment plan! Look at


Eggs or whey protein for breakfast Salad for lunch Meat and veggies for dinner Start with this structure, get fancy later…


Being on Pins and Needles is Actually Good for You, Kind of… by Staff Writer “On pins and needles” can mean you are experiencing a tense, stressful, or painful situation. It can also mean “waiting” for something important to occur. In this case, “on pins and needles” is a great way to describe the feelings

Acupuncturists doll neck

Time stops for none of us! You get one shot at it, no dress rehearsals, its your life. You need to walk more, laugh more and get some sleep and sunshine.


When we say acupuncture we mean herbs. When we say herbs we mean acupuncture. You get it?? They go hand and hand. In China, Herbal Medicine is more important than acupuncture–it is 90% of the medicine. I run into a lot of patients that try to separate the two.  Herbs make the treatments better, faster,